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    Craft God Art & Hobby Supply

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    an actual letter that actual Ayn Rand sent to Cat Fancy magazine in 1966


  6. "If I ever see you use an m-dash instead of an n-dash, I will break your fingers."
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  7. If you read books you won’t get a venereal disease.


    Modern History, University of St Andrews

    'Reading Behind the Front Lines: British Soldier Reading Experience in the First World War' 

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    Yup. That’s right. 

    We’ve had leather armor for kitties, we’ve had scalemail for guinea pigs and now we’ve found yet more armor made for household pets that is more practical than anything your average video game or pulp fantasy will issue a female character.

    And these aren’t intended to be worn… they’re art to display in a gallery.

    Cats and Mice by Jeff de Boer

    - wincenworks

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    Edward Hart

    Belonged to Goodyear Tires, sold for $70,000.00 and everything is right in the world.

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    Ideal Dog Food, 1959 (via)

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    Judith Thurman on the world’s oldest trousers: http://nyr.kr/1kDHsCb

    “The three-thousand-year-old trousers were in amazing shape. They were lying with the remains of two herders/warriors, both about forty. Experts surmise that the garments were custom sized for the wearer by the tailor who made them. (No cutting was involved; he or she loomed the wool in three pieces—two straight legs and a roomy crotch that were stitched together with thread that matched the yarn. Decorative stripes, zigzags, and a meander were woven into the cloth.)”

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    You are personally critical of Christianity in particular and of social institutions in general. This does you no good.

    You have a favorite cow.

    You have a terrible secret. The man you love has an even more terrible secret. The man who loves you has no secrets at all; this is why you could never love him.

    You saw a tractor once, and hated it.

    how to tell if you’re in a Thomas Hardy novel


  14. review of “animal farm”



    not a very good instructional guide on farming. would NOT recommend to first time farmers

    instructions weren’t clear enough, accidentally turned farm into maoist rather than stalinist allegory

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    The Decemberists – “June Hymn”

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